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ΒΟΝΡΕΤ fire fighting ampoule

  • A product of high technology that resulted after years of testing.
  • The BONPET ampoule, contains 600ml of fire fighting material and is not under pressure (no propellants)
  • This solution is totally safe, without toxic substances that could be hazardous for the health or the environment. International institutes and european laboratories confirm that the gases produced during use, are also harmless for the human and the environment.
  • It is ideal for extinguishing type A (solid fuels) B (liquid fuels) C (fuel gas) F (cooking oils) fires and also suitable for extinguishing fires in the presence of electrical voltage equipment.
  • According to the current fire safety legislation, it can be used anywhere as an auto-activated ceiling fire extinguisher, with a 10 year life span.
  • During these 10 years, it requires no maintenance as it doesn’t contain propellants and power supply, sensors etc are not necessary for it to be activated.
  • It doesn’t cause any harm to machinery and electrical equipment and it leaves no residues.
  • Fire Service Headquarters (22734 Φ.701.6/30‐4‐2007) approved.
  • Ministry Of Maritime A airs (4232/06/08 04‐03‐2008) approved.
  • In order to calculate the surface that is covered, it is importand to remember that every ampoule covers 4 square meters, when it’s placed 2m above the surface in need of protection.
ERP: 105-021-001 BON-600